Domain name registration and hosting best plans

Domain name registration and hosting best plans

These are the best domain name registration and hosting plans you can choose according to affordable rate of you choice.Your domain can determine your search engine rankings, your likelihood of being remembered by visitors, and your success as a brand in general. They say it all starts with a domain, but really, it all begins with a domain host — so let’s go over the best in the business.


Hosting Comparison – How Do You Need to Choose A Web Hosting Service?

Firstly you should understand choosing a good Web Hosting Service Provider is quite difficult task. It is always good to get the best suitable hosting services when your business is concerned. Does Recommendation is the final solution? Yes, referral is important, but weighing the various features and benefits on your own would help you make a decision that suits you and not based on other’s choice. So, Here are Real customer reviews and a comparison of several top hosting services that make it easy to choose the right plan/provider to fit your requirements well.


This Guide explains you How to Choose a Web Hosting Service that exactly exactly suites your business:


Know Your Own Hosting Needs:

Firstly, have a rough calculation of what kind of website you want to build? Do you require Applications? Does it need special Software? How competitive your website can go? Get to know your hosting needs before you could invest and host a site for your business.

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Server Uptime Record:

Every web hosting company has some downtime, so to expect your website to have no downtime is unrealistic. So, depending on your business needs, some downtime might not affect you business at all. For some large E-commere sites having even a minute of downtime results in thousands of dollars loss in business.


Disk Space and Bandwidth:

Considering on the monthly hosting plan, you want to make sure that you get enough disk space and bandwidth, to be able to handle the traffic on your website as well as any types of media files that you might be uploading to your website as well, because what might happen is if you exceed your bandwidth limits, you might end up with having your website shut down or you might end up with spike in cause that you’d not except.  There are few limitations which if exceeds will lead to account suspension. It is very important that you get to know the features and limitations of hosting before you could actually get into violation stuff.


Multiple Add-on Domains:

Generally, many hosting companies provide at least 25 Add-on Domains in one account. So, make sure when you purchase hosting, always check for the capacity of the domain, because to host extra domain you need hosting space.


Server Upgrade Options:

Basically there are three stages of Hosting, they are: Shared, Virtual, Dedicated. In each stage the benefits and changes for betterment of your website. You may need more website, Databases or Packed Domains, where you can just upgrade the stage or level of hosting.


Many hosting companies, at the initial stage of purchasing the hosting account you will be provided with lots of discount stuffs to reduce your pay. But, before you could purchase the hosting account, get an idea of renewal charges and you okay with renewal charges.


Choose a Hosting service provider who provide trail for certain period to test their service and offers of hosting account, and if you’re not okay with the service provided, you can cancel the account and get the refund.


.htaccess, Cron Jobs, Auto Script Installer:

Onef must and should option that every hosting service provider should provide, but some of the hosting providers do not offer these features. Cron jobs for day to day task, Auto Script Installer is used as time saver, .htaccess allows you to safeguard, page redirects, etc, FTP access easy file.


E-Commerce Features:

If you’re running an E-commerce store, than it is very important for you to choose the best hosting account which has E-commerce features and support. Features such as SSL Certification, Dedicated IP, and one-click shop software installation are required for E-commerce store.

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Environmental Friendliness:

Holding an eco-friendly website and a non-eco-friendly website indeed has a lot of difference. So, if you care for Mother Nature, choose a web host solution that operates on renewable energy. Eg: A company that compress its use through Green Certificates.


Email Accounts:

Almost all the companies have this option, but just to ensure that you’re on the safer side. Before signing up with host account, know the limitations of creating email accounts for your official use.

To always be on the safer side, it’s good to have site backup, when the server is crashed the entire database will be nuked. Some web hosts don’t back up your website regularly and most of them simply do so for their own protection and don’t make the files available to their customers. So make sure that choose the hosting company that provides regular site backup facility.

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